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Official MC
Wendy O

Official MC, Founder of CryptoWendyO Media

Benjamin J. Dichter

Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Trucker #FreedomConvoy

Daniel Keller

Co-Founder of Flux and CEO of InFlux

Tadeáš Kmenta

Co-Founder of Flux and CIO of InFlux

Davy Wittock

Chief Business Officer of InFlux

Alex Perritaz

Chief PoUW Architect

Samuel Armes

President of Florida Blockchain Business Association

Timothy Tully

CEO of Zelcore

George Tung

Founder of CryptosRus

Kevin Murcko

Founder and CEO of Coinmetro

Dan Wiggins

VP of Business Development for Kadena

Julia Buchholz

CMO of Blocksquare & co-founder of TecStack

Matthew Durnya

Founder and CEO of KDA Mining Club

Anthony Wood

Artist & Project Manager of Crypto Elites Club

Alan Tsao

Founder and CEO Tsao Baltimore Watch Company

Jeremy Anderson

CTO of InFlux

Daniel Kaines

Head of Risk at Blocksquare

Jarick Poulson

Managing Director, Deloitte Tax LLP

Peter Taylor

Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Joerg Buss

Founder of Timpi

Andrew Mugridge

VP of Investor Relations at Timpi

Brian Adams

BDE Ventures

Justin 'JChains' Custardo

BDE Ventures

Loic Claveau

CMO of SingularityNET

Jett Tang

Hourglass | The Next Crypto Gem


President of DeFi Kingdoms

Scott Herman

Wagmi Game Co

Seth "MineYourBiz" Estrada


Phil Russell


Patty Stash



Hit Network

Nick Dimondi

Hit Network | Head of Content

Daniel Weiss

Content Creator, CRU+

Josuhua Jakes

Content Creator, CRU+

Vic "Action" Guzman

Action.CEO | Content Creator

Your Friend Andy

Content Creator

Alex "Geek of all Trades" Burton

Content Creator

Scott "Dabatola" Arnebold

Business Developer at InFlux | Egg Town

Classy Crypto

Content Creator

Crypto Grady

Content Creator

Max Voltage

Content Creator


Content Creator

ChumpChangeXD Mining

Content Creator

Hawk Crypto Mining

Content Creator

The Veteran Miner

Content Creator

Gpu Risers

Content Creator

Crypto Zombie

Content Creator

Blockchain Boy

Content Creator

Mystery Guest

More to be announced